Training with Dirk Orlishausen from FC Hansa Rostock

Absolute fabulous! We had the pleasure to train with the former KSC legend and current goalkeeper / goalkeeper trainer of Hansa Rostock. The amateur goalkeepers Jon Claude (HSV Barmbek Uhlenhorst 2) and Tore (TUS Hamburg) were there. It was supposed to be an unforgettable day for everyone. We were welcome directly by Dirk at the legendary Ostseestadion in Rostsock. Here we changed our clothes and went through the stadium up to the training ground. This is an absolute highlight for an amateur goalkeeper.

On the training ground we set up everything for the training, and then it finally started. With wonderful north German rainy weather, two hours full throttle was given. It was technically warmed up and the amateur goalkeepers received a lot of advice in between. A great thing if you are corrected by a professional on site and receive important tips.

After the warm-up exercises, we really got down to business. Three exercises with double and triple actions were performed. Dirk showed us for a moment who the boss is. Awesome! But that’s exactly what you want to see. Joni and Tore were in no way inferior to Dirk, and they also hit each other hard.

Then we played two against two. Team Hansa Rostock with Jon Claude and Dirk against Team JUSTUSGOALKEEPERS with Tore and Fabian. It went back and forth. Whereby Team Hansa Rostock unfortunately took the victory. Then we conducted the interview round in the stadium. But those who believe that this was already the case saw themselves to be deceived. Dirk invited the boys and us to dinner in Rostock. There’s really nothing more than I can do! Simply fantastic Dirk. Afterwards everyone went home happy and with many great experiences.

All videos about the training and the interviews can be found under Multimedia > FC Hansa Rostock

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