Training with the goalkeepers of Holstein Kiel

We were guest with JUSTUSGOALKEEPERS at the second league club Holstein Kiel.

What a great day. We were allowed to train with the goalkeepers of the second league club Holstein Kiel Kenneth Kronholm, Dominik Reimann und Timon Weiner, as well as goalkeeper coach Patrik Borger.

We were accompanied by the amateur goalkeepers Carsten Böge (USC Paloma 2), Daniel Konrad (SSC Hagen Ahrensburg) and Tore (TUS Hamburg).

After our arrival at noon, Holstein´s goalkeeper trainer Patrik Borger showed us the training facility and introduced us to Holstein´s employees. Before we went to the pitch, together we watched the team training with the amateur goalkeepers. Then we finally went to the square. Besides a short introduction round and a short warm up we went directly into the training session.

The focus in our training session was close to the game on three goals.
There was lots of action and lots of great parades. To conclude, we did three goalkeeper challenges. Amateur versus professional. It was thrown off, knocked off and repelled. After the training we did interviews with the professionals and every amateur goalkeeper got a feedback. There was a lot of laughter and everyone had a lot of fun.

We wish Holstein Kiel all the best for the rest of the season and thank them for a unique experience.

All videos about the training and the interviews can be found under Multimedia > Holstein Kiel

or on our YouTube channel JustUsGoalkeepers

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